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Lonesome dreams - Lord Huron

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

First, let's talk about the band Lord Huron, it's an American Indie-folk/Rock band based in Los Angeles founded in the year 2010, The band members are as follow -

● Ben Schneider – guitar, vocals, harmonica

● Mark Barry – drums, percussion, vocals

● Miguel Briseño – bass, keys, percussion, theremin

● Tom Renaud – guitar, vocals

Now let's talk about the Album "Lonesome Dreams'', it's a debut album released in 2012 and it's a masterpiece about a man named Huron and his longing for adventure and about this girl " Helena " who he left behind. The album is based on a series of novels by fictional author George Ranger Johnson, created by bandleader Ben Schneider. The songs of the album (and connecting novels) follow the adventures of three characters, Lord Huron, his companion Admiral Blaquefut,

Let's see how the story goes on-


This song has a calming and upbeat type of vibe, it feels like the protagonist " Lord Huron " is leaving for an adventure and is trying to convince the girl " Helena " to accompany him. He talks about the endless possibilities and what the adventure holds, they are strangers with all kind of dangers but as he says "What good is livin' the life you've been given if all you do is stand in one place? "

Helena still isn't convinced but Lord Huron isn't stopping, he says his goodbyes to her.

His love was strong enough that he was ready to die for her but his wanderlust was above their love.


This song's intro sounds like peace before the storm, the song quickly picks up the pace and now it sounds like our hero is on the run and our best assumption is he's running from the law for something he did for his girl Helen.

One can picture something like Lord Huron is running away while making a last attempt to convince Helen to join him.


This song is like a pause with a moment of realisation, Lord Huron finally takes a break and talks about what is around. Everything sounds and looks perfect but when he takes a look he finds out he's alone out here.

It's like when we take a different path where we have to leave behind everything and everyone. As the journey starts everything is fun but we are all alone and rethink everything about our destiny and how lonely we have become as we beg people to stay with us.


Now our hero is at a point where he is not leaving, he looks back and sees what he has done.

Leaving his love behind and becoming outlawed for his thirst for adventure.

But Lord Huron feels like this is where he belongs and he will die living where he belongs.

Now as we can see I mean hear it looks like I mean sounds like our hero is out of the thinking phase and has set his vision straight.


We are back to Helena again, Lord Huron is living the life he has always dreamed of but still there is this thing lingering in his head that he's missing someone and it's the girl that lit his life.

So now our hero has left to find his girl.

Moral of the song - If you find your love of the life, keep them close or if you "let her go" you will find how desperate you are for them.


Looks like Lord Huron is far away and couldn't return to Helena for a while.

So he continues his journey but he hasn't forgotten his vow to see Helena again and how Helena made him promise not to forget his vow.

The love game between Lord Huron and Helen is strong..!!!


Lord Huron has everything he has ever desired. Travelling to the end's of the earth every day is an adventure and love which is waiting for him, but at a point, he realises that time is a bitch and it's ticking faster and still he isn't even near to the end of his journey and hasn't reunited with his love. He starts wishing that he wants to be the man who lives forever.

The time is ticking away guys don't waste it, do what you want to do and make every second worth it.


This song is what we are waiting for, at last, Lord Huron and Helena reunite but wait he's covered in blood and has these fiery eyes ( one could say demon eyes).

Helena understands the situation and makes Lord Huron fall asleep as making him realise all the wrongs he has done and he will have to pay the price but for the moment he should close his eyes and dream about the good times about the innocent times and keep dreaming forever cause what lies ahead is trouble.

This song is simple and short yet holds a strong essence about how we have to pay for our doings and there's no point running away.


In this song, we are introduced to Lord Huron companion Admiral Blaquefut,

Referring to the brother here and we can see a connection here with the last record "Lullaby", we can assume that this was the time to face the consequences and fight.

He asks his brother "Admiral Blaquefut"

To stay beside him while they face the consequences and not run away because they have wandered and caused all the trouble together.


It's a timeless song about love, It sounds like our hero met an end here and Helena is lamenting how his lover sailed far away and now has gone somewhere farther.

Helena even mentioned how deep her love was and how she thinks Lord Huron is still alive and someday they might reunite someday.

This whole album is a hell of an adventure. It felt like I watched ( I mean heard) a whole movie packed with action, adventure and romance.

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