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Discovery - Daft Punk

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

I’m pretty sure that the separation of the iconic French duo, Daft Punk was shocking for everyone, when we all were sitting here, thinking they are working on their new album. So as a tribute to the music they have given to us, let’s take a look into their second studio album, Discovery, which was released four years after their debut studio album, Homework. Talking about Homework, it was slick, efficient and was responsible for some of the late ‘90s biggest house tracks like Around the World, Da Funk and Rollin' & Scratchin’. It’s considered to be a hugely rich era for both house and electronic music. However, Discovery contradicted the previous album in many aspects. With Discovery, Daft Punk polished the future of dance music by revamping the sounds of 80s disco music. A tinge of disco into their songs replenished nostalgia, while contemporary production and new mixing techniques furthered the need for these reminiscent sounds to be updated.

For this album, Daft Punk diverted the kind interests of their youth years, without stressing over what was cool. Thomas Bangalter, one half of the robotic duo, recently expressed that 'Discovery' was an exploration of song designs and melodic structures. Additionally, an impression of their childhoods, unquestionably gave a lot of us, childhood recollections as well, or allowed us to think about the more youthful years.

I. One More Time

“Music’s got me feeling so free” is very apt to describe Daft Punk’s music in the album. It has topped the charts in several countries and is one of Daft Punk’s most recognizable tracks. The disco aesthetic kicks in immediately with these bright synths and jubilant, pitch-shifted vocals by Bangalter.

II. Aerodynamic

The bell which sounds like the end of one more time feels like a nostalgic alert that dives the audience into the second track on this collection, with its entirely organized variances between 80s funk grooves and twisted glissandi. This is such a good amalgamation of rock music with electronic.

III. Digital Love

This track has a rather soft effect, with quite an upbeat guitar than the first two ones. The song is about a fun-filled night revolving around the lyricist’s love. I think any teenager can relate to the atmosphere and the conditions created by him. Fun Fact, Puerto Rican DJ, DJ Sneak gave the lyrics for this song.

IV Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Of course, this has to be their most iconic song from the album. The pitch-altered vocals are not only reminiscent of the duo’s robotic appearances but are technically another landmark moment in terms of production. Kanye in his song, Stronger, twists the song in his own incredible way, turning it into a rap song. At the 2008 Grammy awards, they performed Stronger with Kanye using their iconic pyramid from the 2007 Alive tour.

V. Crescendolls

Crescendolls has one breakdown that centres around the kick, embeddings tests in at the perfect time. Not long prior to hopping once again into the high rhythm test that rules the track, they utilize a violin-like lead that gives the track the reset it needs to hop in. This one definitely wants you to hop off your bed and go dancing!

VI. Nightvision

Radically different from all the other tracks, Nightvision is a very smooth and intelligent piece. It acts as a tonal shift for the album as a whole.

VII. Superheroes

"Superheroes" is another example substantial, peppy song of praise. Past the musical composition of the track, the team utilizes audio effects to mimic laser sounds and arpeggios to make a space-like environment. This is generally to some extent because of the substantial emphasis on modern and space-themed music during the '70s and '80s.

VIII. High Life

“High Life” features Daft Punk’s ability to chop up samples and make them uniquely theirs. The funky vibes it gives makes it a very special dance song you create memories to.

IX. Something about us

Similar to Digital Love, this song is on the softer side of the album. The song lyrics suggest the singer’s longing to confess his love, even if his lover does not feel the same way. The funk of the album yet continues in this song, even though it does not sound upbeat and that is why it's one of our favourite tracks from the album.

X. Voyager

"Explorer" goes about as another of those tracks that make an all-encompassing outline of the album itself. Its bass lead combined with the sharp sounding guitar test set the musical tone for the track.

XI. Veridis Quo

Veridis Quo’s literal translation is, “Where are you going” or “To what end.” This carries onto the lighter tone of Something about us, with a more spacey approach and longer chord attacks.

XII. Short Circuit

Throughout the song, strong synthesizers dominate this track, nurturing the musical seeds from the music of the 80s.

XIII. Face to face

This displays how futuristic Daft Punk’s music is. Face to face revolves around funk and disco elements and probably has the strongest vocal rendition of the entire album.

XIV. Too long

Too Long has probably the best result because of its length. The duo reliably switches up what components are added or detracted from the track keeping it light and fun. Maybe this is the perfect track to end the album.

Discovery was seemingly the best leap forward in consolidating electronic music with different music genres. The tracks feature disco, rock, funk and R&B meshed into a durable smooth streaming album. Each track is extraordinary by its own doing, enveloping an alternate part of the duo's innovativeness. What makes the album even more iconic is the fact that we saw the duo in their complete robot gear for the very first time. Discovery was more than the duo’s sophomore record. It was a new direction, a new concept and a complete sonic and visual reinvention. Simultaneously, this album is faithful to its influences and is majorly ahead of its time, in my opinion.

Daft punk album review
Daft punk discovery

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