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Call me if you get lost - Tyler The Creator

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This is Tyler's 6th Album, the first for this decade. He introduces the world to his latest alter ego "Tyler Baudelaire", and invites a few friends along for the journey. Ingeniously Tyler in this album isn't trying to force lighting to strike in the same place twice (referencing the IGOR album where he is the narrator and protagonist of the story describing his relationship). He isn't going super narrative with it this time around but this feels art, holistic and uniquely Tyler.

call me if you get lost album cover
The album art looks very interesting and makes the vibe even better


Hip-Hop legend DJ Drama's iconic voice opens the project and assumes his position as the album's narrator. Then this track eases us into the crazy new project of Tyler with curious layers of horns and plucky melodies as Tyler paint this picture of luxury and refinement and the whole thing sounds like a dream that is packed with eccentric and electric details. Even in the midst of excess, Tyler is a man of taste.


Following this song, there are pretty tight successions of heavy hitters on the tracklist. This is the track where Tyler is slicking to us lyrically by talking trash with all these one-liners over a whirlwind of jazzy piano fragments, booming drums and group chants.


This track comes off as Tyler's version of a blaring trap banger with a minor key and brassy synth horns. The 42dugg feature only adds to the song's nasty attitude. In this song's outro, you can hear Frank Ocean speaking over Tyler's crooning vocals.


This track feels like a Groovy R&B throwback song. It is a seductive feel-good summery jam (that feels like hanging out with a cutie all day near the poolside). The beat has a sweet but chaotic feel.


This is a very powerful song with clever wordplay, visceral energy and huge instrumentals. All delivered in that typical Tyler way.


This track is packed with all these dramatic jazzy piano and flute samples. The vibe and the lyrics feel so rich and so much in sync that it provides a more wholesome feel to it.


This is the track where the bass and the drums and Tyler's flow feels like Goblin. There's also a manic and explosive finish to the track.


This track has taken a time machine back to the cherry bomb town and this track runs like a blissful feel-good interlude from that album but maybe not wild. Lyrically this one feels like another stretch to the same victory lap but with now Tyler juxtaposing against his past a bit more.


This track feels like an aggressive response to any attempt to force Tyler to be like a role model of sorts. Here Tyler revisits his past and is accompanied by his fellow founding member of "Odd Future", Domo Genesis to walk down the memory lane.


This is an Insane Centerpiece of the album. This song is a two-parter (obviously). The part of this synthy R&B blend, which has a solid tune and has a great feature from Brent on the vocals, after this, we get this curious transition into 'I thought you wanted to dance' which radically shifts into a somewhat reggae direction with quirky organs and a steady rock beat. Instrumentally and Aesthetically these two tracks just feel like really weird sweet leftovers from the IGOR vault but couldn't make it to the album. The runtime of this track is about 10 minutes but it doesn't feel like a lot and it seems both the parts of the tracks are well partitioned.


So from here, we move into the second half of the album, which has a couple of interludes and this track is the one where it features Tyler's mom talking. Even though it is not a very long portion of the record, it is an endearing portion of the record. Just hearing her speech pattern and the way she talks and referencing back to the childhood days of Tyler.


This song brings more brags to Tyler's success doctrine here, while also telling them he can still do stuff that you tell/want him not to. This song features some of the more adventurous beats by Teezo Touchdown.


This is the track where he tells his listeners about things that he is grateful about, like how he is healthy and glowing and then he wants to invite you to a journey where he wants to get lost and how he will never take things for granted.


This track is just an insane banger where Tyler, Lil uzi vert and Pharrel Williams bounce off of each other quite well. This is a powerful song that you will tend to come back to.


This is the second-longest track in the record with its runtime being at 8 minutes. This is the track where Tyler gives us a rundown about the aftermath of being a homewrecker and inserting himself into a relationship that shouldn't exist as another person already has someone in their life.


This is the closure track of the album. This track features a grand abstract instrumental with a lot of eerie horns and jazz chops with lo-fi bass. This track feels like musically controlled chaos.


I think Tyler's work on this album is solid and he comes off convincing his point of view and leaves us off with a lot of energ

y but I imagine that it might be a hard task to give us a summation or really like put a bow on a record like this where it is just kind of like a narcissistic view of the world in his ideology. He is also leaving

us with a determined snapshot of such a vanity project. Most of the record hinges on Tyler's personal success narrative, his newfound persona, his character and his likeability.

So for Tyler's newfound maturity and

his love for speaking his truth, this album deserves a whopping


What did you think about the album? Did you like it or not?


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